Airborne San Diego is building the country’s premier indoor skydiving experience.

We provide the only full service two-tunnel experience in the world, which means there’s more action, more available times to fly, and as a professional skydiver there is less chance of your time getting bumped. We worked with the world’s top wind tunnel designers to create the ultimate flying experience featuring smoother, more consistent air and variable wind speeds for everyone from first-time flyers to experienced pros.


Pre-Launch Special

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Grand Opening Specials

Totally Immersive Entertainment Venue

We’re located in the heart of downtown San Diego close to hotels, the Convention Center and the trolley lines. We worked closely with our architects to create not just another building but an immersive experience that pulls you into the action.

The interior design is a three-story “cathedral-like” atmosphere that puts the flying experience at center stage surrounded by party areas, a burger cafe and plenty of comfortable viewing platforms.

Innovative Smooth Air Design

Indoor skydiving technology hasn’t changed much over the years. We were involved with previous venues and found there was a lot of room for improving the experience, while keeping the cost affordable for the family.

We started from scratch, and built an entirely new model for the wind tunnels – the result is a completely upgraded flying experience with incredibly smooth and consistent air, the way it is meant to feel.

Opening Early 2016
Downtown San Diego